Elder Law Attorney

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2 thoughts on “Elder Law Attorney

  1. Can anyone tell me who is knowledgeable in this subject matter what my options are?
    I am getting ready to apply for institutional Medicare benefits to transition my mom from a rehab to an assisted living facility. She has a regular whole life insurance policy that has earned a cash value (not much). Will the assisted living facility take this away from her for living expenses? This is all she has other than her social security, medicare and minimal medicaid benefits. Would anyone be so kind to share some information if they happen to know. Thank You !

  2. Sue, Michelle Spira at Spira law firm is extreamly helpful and very afforadable! I have refered over 60 clients to her in the past 2years and have had wonderful feed back. 321-749-3445 I hope this is helpful.
    God Bless
    Chrissy Canavan

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