Nursing Home Diversion

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2 thoughts on “Nursing Home Diversion

  1. I am looking for a facility that is flexible and home-like and which caters to individual tastes and needs. My mom receives diversion funds. We are currently w/ Amerigroup. Please call me ASAP 813-400-7952 if you can accomodate “Failure to Thrive” w/ doctors orders to allow eating what she wants. (She likes scrambled eggs and bacon with a muffin, pancake or waffles and cereal). If she can get that she eats like a football player. Otherwise her appetite is capricious. She often craves fresh fruit and cottage cheese. She will not tolerate canned and processed foods.

    Her other issue is handling chaos, noise and rigid structure. For example, some days she does better taking her meds and going back to sleep.

    Her name is Winnie Shrader.


  2. Virginia, I was wondering how you are. I am in Panama City today and thought I would look you up, if possible. How is your mother? Did you find what you needed for her? I would love to hear from you. Sidney (formerly Shrader)

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