This page lists the many ways we can help to promote your Assisted Living Facility or Elder Care Services.  We want you to consider us your partner in online marketing.  Simply follow this marketing package and follow your “Marketing Success Checklist” and we will do all the online promotion.  That it!  It’s simple, and it’s free!

  • The first thing we need to do is place your business on our multiple service directories and information sites.   We need a your business contact information, Description of your business, and description of your services.  On these directories, we will link to your website and list all information that you provide to us.

1. Business Information Sheet

Please fill out as much of the attached form as possible. Be as descriptive as possible and use many “key words” (keywords are in yellow)  that your customers would use when searching for services. For example:

Description of facility Assisted Living located in N. Miami Beach, FL just a few blocks from the beautiful Atlantic ocean. We are just a few minutes from (MAJOR HOSPITAL NAME HERE) and other (IMPORTANT MEDICAL CENTERS HERE). We are a State of FL licensed Assisted Living Facility and have a capacity of 8 beds. We offer private and semi-private rooms and private and shared bathrooms.

Our home is equipped with all adaptive devices that are necessary for assisted living including, commodes, grab bars and handrails, wheel chair ramps, fire alarm, and other emergency equipment. . .

Description of services North Miami Beach Assisted Living offering 24 hour care, assistance with activities of daily living, licensed Certified Nursing Assistants, Adult day care. . .
Other We accept the Veterans Benefit for Assisted Living. Call for more information about other assisted living funding sources



If you have a website or have listed your facility on other websites, do not use the same description. Rewrite as much as possible to avoid being labeled as duplicate.

This email address will not be published or sold!

2. Add Pictures to listings


Pictures are a very important introduction of your assisted living facility or services to your customers. A customer may rule out your facility or elder care service with a bad picture. Alternatively, a picture that doesn’t adequately reflect your business may raise your customers expectations beyond a point that they could be met or exceeded.

Pictures can be a very important tool in generating targeted on line traffic. Using embedded keywords relative to your elder care service or assisted living facility tell search engines that your facility has what web searchers are looking for.




With our free listing service, you may submit as many pictures as you would like. We will tag the pictures with relevant keywords and descriptions at now cost to you.


send your pictures to or use the form below.

3. Promote your business with video


Video is becoming an indispensable tool in the on line world. Customers love a preview of your facility or a “Virtual Tour” before they visit your home. Because people love videos, search engines like Google and Yahoo also love videos. Some customers may skip your Assisted Living Facility or Service  all together if you don’t have a on line virtual tour.

You can create videos that your potential customers will find informative and useful.  For example, if you have a Adult Day Care, you could create a video about the danger of leaving someone with Dimentia alone at home all day.  You could also create a video explaining the funding sources for adult daycare or 10 important questions to ask your Adult Day Care.  Here are some other examples

Home Health:

Elder Law:

With our free listing service, there is no limit to the number of videos you may post to our directory pages. All you need to do is provide a Youtube link your video or other online locations of your video and we will post it for free.


send your video link to or use the form below.

If you have a video on a site like youtube, copy the "embed code" and paste it here. You can also past a link the the website where your video can be found.

4. Press Release/News Story/Events/Articles


Press releases and news stories are a great way to expand your Internet marketing. When people search the Internet for their long term care options they are looking for information and answers to their questions. You are an expert in this field and are capable of answering many of these questions. In doing so, search engines will send web searchers to your press release, articles, and free reports.

With press releases you can announce

  • new hirings
  • new certifications
  • support groups
  • new services
  • expansions
  • facility improvement

With news stories or free reports, you can create a relevant article that your potential customer may find useful. For example, a free report called:

  • Costs of Care. What to expect.”
  • Signs of Abuse”
  • 10 Tips for The Caregiver”
  • Dealing with Dementia
  • 10 Important Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Facility”
  • Finding a Long-Term Home For Mom”

With every article, event, news story or press release, we will publish your contact information and a link to your directory listing where they will find information about your facility including pictures and contact information or your website address and customer testimonials.

Here are some real life examples of Elder Care Services and Assisted Living Facilities using Press Releases to promote their business.

Press Release and News Story Examples

Article Examples

Events Examples


send your press releases or news stories to or use the form below.

Will not be published
Will be published. Not Required.

5. Easy Testimonial Plan



Are you prepared for negative reviews of your facility posted on websites all over the Internet? Before the Internet, a customer who had a bad experience would tell up to 10 people about their experience. In today’s on line business environment, unhappy customer reviews live FOREVER. Here are some examples of bad Internet reviews that exist on a assisted living facility directories.

  • Do not take your loved one here. This place pretends to care but once they got my moms money they just ignored her. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  • They promised me that my dad would be checked twice a night. They lied. He wakes up every morning with feces and soaking wet. One night he fell and they found him in the morning. I would never put someone you care about here.

  • Never any food in fridge, lights always out, and parents always in pajamas.

No matter how great your assisted living facility is, there are people who wish to cause you and your business harm.

  • A customer that you raised their monthly rate.
  • A disgruntled employee.
  • A competitor trying to gain an advantage.

I’m sure you can think of a few more. An unhappy customer can post their stories all over the Internet for free and they don’t go away. No matter how much you try, they cannot be erased or deleted.

Don’t let bad Internet reviews influence any future customers. The way to combat negative reviews is to be proactive and begin collecting positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers.

With our FREE “Easy Testimonial Plan” it is so easy to counteract these damaging comments. Simply give “Easy Testimonial” form to your happy customers and fax back to the number on the form. Your positive testimonial will be posted on many different sites and used to spread the word about your wonderful, caring home. See Form Below.


send your testimonials to , use the form below or FAX to (305)-946-2214.

5. Website Design.

A Professionally designed website is becoming a necessity in a business marketing strategy.  We specialize in web design for assisted living facilities, care homes, and senior services.  Below are the 2 different website design and marketing packages.

  • Silver Marketing Package

    $19.95 and $4.95 monthly

    • Free annual domain name
    • Basic 1 page site
    • 4 styles to choose from
    • 5 Custom Email address (example:
    • 1 picture
    • Monthly Maintenance
    • 4 Directory Listing with up to 4 pictures
    • Website Link from directories
    • Description of Services
    • “Easy Testimonial” Marketing Plan
    • Free job postings
    • Free article submissions

  • Gold Marketing Package

    $29.95 and $4.95 monthly

    • Free annual domain name
    • 5 SEO (search engine optimization) web pages
    • 6 styles to choose from
    • 10 Custom Email address (example:
    • Picture Gallery with up to 6 pictures
    • Contact Form
    • Monthly Maintenance
    • 4 Directory Listing with up to 4 pictures
    • Website Link from directories
    • Description of Services
    • “Easy Testimonial” Marketing Plan
    • Free job postings
    • Free article submissions