What Is Assisted Living

What Is An Assisted Living Facility?

A Florida Assisted Living Facility or A.L.F. Are licensed by the Agency For Health Care Administration or AHCA. These Facilities provide 24 hour supervision for older adults who can no longer live independently . Florida Assisted Living Facilities provide residents housing, food, assistance with activities of daily living and other services. As soon as a resident requires 24 hour nursing supervision, a Florida Assisted Living facility must be relocated to a facility that can accommodate their needs.

Many people believe assisted living facilities are similar to nursing homes and have many nurses on duty. Actually, assisted living facilities in Florida are an alternative to the institutional setting of a nursing home. Assisted living facilities cost up to 50% less than a standard nursing home because its residents don’t need 24 hour nursing care. Instead assisted living residents need help with cooking, cleaning, bathing, grooming, and medication assistance.

Under Florida State law, Assisted Living facilities regulated in every aspect of operation and include random inspections and an annual fire and health inspection. Assisted living facilities licensed in Florida are required to listen to their residents and consider their opinions on any aspect of their care. Facilities must establish a method for filing grievances with the facility and a protocol for responding to them. Residents may form a Residents board and, if they so choose, ask that no staff attend.

Florida Assisted Living facilities are regulated on their menus, their activities, and even their furniture and mattress size. For example, for facilities that are over 11 residents, a licensed dietitian must approve their menu every year. These facilities must also use standard recipes that must be stored in facility files. All facilities must follow the United States Department Of Agriculture “Food pyramid” for recommended daily allowances. For instance, Florida Assisted Living Facilities must serve no less than 6 oz. Of protein every day in no fewer than 2 servings. If a facility menu states that the resident will enjoy 3 oz. Of ground beef in their chili, and they only receive 2 oz. Of ground beef, that facility is in violation. Assisted Living Facilities in Florida must also provide their residents with 12 hours of activities across 6 days in the week. Regularly scheduled television programs do not count and if a facility is not following their activity schedule, they are in violation and may be issued a citation.

All of these inspections must be prominently posted in public view. Any violations are public information and can lead to a tarnished reputation within the community.

For aging adults that need 24 hour supervision or assistance with daily living activities, assisted living facilities in Florida offer a wonderful alternative to a nursing home. Assisted Living facilities provide added benefits to its residents in companionship and better nutrition. Facilities provide a safe environment designed for the needs of seniors with hand rails in bathrooms, fire alarm systems, emergency procedures for elopement, and much more.